Workshop Participants:
​~Patrice designed and conducted a Mindfullness Weekend for our group. It was a very comprehensive experience that covered many aspects of leading a mindful life. Our group came away from the weekend with knowledge and techniques that would enhance and affect their lives. I highly recommend Patrice to anyone seeking a deeper and richer life experience.

~Patrice is a gifted teacher of mindfulness. Her understanding and acceptance of meeting students where they are on their journey is an experience of going deeper.

~Exceeded expectation.  Every class offered new insight to a very hectic life.

~Trice has a loving present presence which always opens the heart to discover what lies deep within.

~Excellent workshop!  Trice is a very thoughtful teacher and created a welcoming atmosphere and has helped me to find peace in my everyday life.


~Just a quick note to give a huge plug for Mindfulness training for 6th graders...I saw a reduction in argumentativeness from and between kids, an increase in social skills and problem-solving abilities and a calmer demeanor when they faced adversity with their teacher/homework issues/classroom demands.

- Special Needs Teacher, Fenton, MI


~Absolutely wonderful experience with Patrice/Trice. She is kind, compassionate, and this amazing ability of listen me. She helps guides me and helps me see things for a different perspective. My life has change drastically for the positive since I have hired Patrice as a bi-weekly for my self care. Thank you so much!

~​I have really enjoyed mindfulness this year.  It has made me way less stressed out.

~My grades have improved since we started mindfulness.

~I learned that I really don't have to be stressed if I don't want to.  I never knew I could do so much to help myself.

~I love doing mindfulness.  I always do it now.  The other day for example, I was just about to scream my head off, but instead I took a deep breath, got into my mindful body and did mindfulness and it really helped.

​-6th graders

~Patrice spent an hour per week with my children during the summer teaching them the tools for bringing more mindfulness into their lives. She was really able to connect with each of them even though the ages ranged from 11-17. Patrice has a gift for connecting with children and reaching them in a way they can understand. I believe she taught them tools that they can use for the rest of their lives. I'm excited to work with her again in the future.

~Patrice assisted my overachieving, highly anxious daughter learn the art of mindfulness. The tools and strategies she taught her has her feeling more in control and better able to manage her anxiety, especially in relationship to her "perfectionist personality". I would highly recommend Patrice's services.

~My ten year old daughter loved her lesson with Patrice. She stayed engaged the whole time and glowed the rest of the day. Patrice offered practical, relate-able skills at just the right pace and full of kindness. You can tell she walks her talk. I feel like bringing this teaching to my daughter while she is young will serve her the rest of her life. We will definitely continue!

​​​​​​​Presence to Pupils